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   It is easy to advertise in the Mountain Times, and very reasonable.  The rate is $2.75 a square inch.  These are "Box Ad" prices, not classifieds.  All Ads must be prepaid!  Below is how you figure your cost...


Example [Business Card Size, 2" High by 4" Wide, for 1 Month]             2 X 4 X $2.75 X .058125 = $23.75

   Ads must be received and paid for by the 20th to make the next month’s paper. Changes for Ads must be received by the 20th of the month to make the next month's paper.  This paper reserves the right to refuse Ads that it deems out-of-character and/or contrary to the purposes of the paper or the welfare of its readers.

The Preferred Method for you to submit an Ad is to use this PDF file
and mail it in.  In many cases, you end up getting a better deal!

 Your ALT-Text here Printable PDF Form and Ad Examples
...A better, alternative way to submit an Ad

 Fill Out and Submit the Form Below to Advertise
You must fill in all fields of this form!


Business Name       

Contact Person    Phone       
Email    Verify Email       
Street Address
City    State    Zip Code


Ad Height    Ad Width    Total Square Inches    Number of Months to Run

Month to Start    Total Cost with Sales Tax
If you would like us to design your Ad, put the information you would like included in the box below...
Would you like a Proof of your Ad Emailed to you in PDF format?
If you have a Pre-Designed Ad or "Slick" attach it to an email using this link... EMAIL AD  or send it by regular mail, along with your check to...

Mountain Times
PO Box 266
Timberon, NM  88350

Mountain Times must receive full payment for Ads before they appear in the newspaper!